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Where to rent a top class surfboard in Biarritz

In the south-western part of France, on the border with Spain and its Basque Country, Biarritz is an important municipality that attracts thousands of tourists each year. This area belonging to the New Aquitaine region is a large territory that groups Bayonne and Anglet. Founded on a modest fishing village a few centuries ago, it has now become one of the most beautiful seaside resorts of the hexagon. There is a little bit of everything.

Landscapes and activities in Biarritz

In an exceptional setting, the landscape of Biarritz is a mixture of land adorned with fields and greenery and a coastal area varied between creeks, cliffs and beautiful beaches. The chain of the Pyrenees forms a symbolic panorama. A large majority of coastal areas receive powerful waves from the Atlantic Ocean. They even form spots very popular with surfers. The latter come from everywhere to appreciate these waves.

Indeed, several travelers who visit Biarritz are particularly attracted by the sea. Besides the usual nautical activities like bathing, the surf interests them. There are surfboard rental biarritz that provide them with complete equipment to face the big waves. Jerseys and boards are at their disposal.

How to find a Surf-Lease in Biarritz?

There are a thousand and one ways to find a surfing owner in Biarritz. The most effective technique is the use of the internet. We only have to type "surfing Biarritz" and we will have a list of all the surf clubs that make rentals in the town. One can also consult the professional directories which index the owners of surfs. It is also possible to inquire from the people who live in the commune as guides. The latter are in the best position to indicate addresses or give information about the most famous rental companies and those with the best surfing facilities in the area. Just trust them to find a biarritz surfboard. Do not forget to make comparisons to find the most interesting offer.

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