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Travel in France for learning French language

To learn a second language, linguists and language teachers will tell you all there is nothing better than "immersion".

What is immersion?

Immersion is to spend a few days or weeks in a foreign country to learn the language. An immersion trip allows you to understand not only the linguistic aspect but also the social and cultural aspect of the country visited. An overseas immersion stay brings together the key elements of an environment conducive to learning a language, and provides tangible benefits language.

Immersion, how does it work?

Being immersed in another language allows to enter this second language as we entered our mother tongue, naturally and with knowledge far more entrenched and internalized with a school-learning process.
The key principle is that during a stay in immersion, the second language is not only the object of education but also a tool, that is to say, a means of communication that takes a social, recreational, cultural value... in addition to its academic value! From the start, it gives students a tangible benefit to learning this language.

Travel to France to learn French

Immersion to master a second language is often referred to under the name of intensive language courses and is consistent with the cultural immersion programs. Students meet between people pursuing the same goal of mastering a second language. These courses take place mostly in schools, universities and colleges, and increasingly in specialized institutes that carry the language school name but are mostly private companies or charitable institutions for educational purposes. You learn to speak, listen, write all day resulting in the need to make clear to the participants. The best schools are in the same country of the language. On the other hand, outside of class, the student is allowed in a facility, structure or a "house" where people speak only French. The winning combination of a side of learning within the school and spontaneous language acquisition ensures the success of the participants.

To learn French, schedule a travel in france here!

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