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The beauty of the Mediterranean coast

The Mediterranean is a popular destination for travelers. Whether on the mainland or cruising aboard a ship, everything is good to discover the region. The coasts of the Mediterranean leave from the Pyrenees to the Italian border. They are made up of cultural but mainly environmental wealth. All its sites are fabulous.

How are the Mediterranean coasts?

Generally, on these sites, there are wild coves, calanques with turquoise waters, fine sandy beaches and sometimes polished pebbles. At first sight, the place is quite splendid, but when approaching more these areas, the visitors will be subjugated by the beauty of these landscapes. There is the window of the Azure on the island of Gozo as well as the famous spot of the blue hole malta on the island of Malta which is very appreciated by the professional diver due to its geography and its rocky cave in the sea Mediterranean, a real postcard decor. Saint Tropez, Saint Maxime and the surroundings are especially appreciated by their holiday decorations superbly enhanced in this sunny nature.

What to see on the Mediterranean?

The first place to be seen is Leucate, at the foot of Mount Canigou, it is a seaside resort that entertains kitesurfers and water sports practitioners. In the second place, there is the Camargue an authentic fishing town and with a seaside resort made for holidaymakers in Grau-du-roi with a marina that is the largest in Europe. The beauty of this region is that the sun shines there every month of the year, the vegetation is nourished naturally and abound even on the coasts. In addition, the marshlands are populated by pink flamingos and migratory birds. Finally at the crossroads of fresh water and salt water there is Cap d'Agde. A poetic landscape on which the river Hérault and the Canal du Midi go to meet the sea. The beaches there are of beauty especially towards the south of Provence.

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