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My best memories have been made in France

Through the 5 star hotels and various attractions unpublished, France offers many attractions that everyone should know. Note that there are 41 World Heritage sites in France which are both beautiful and unforgettable, but a few stand out for a personal assessment.

A treasure found in 2012

The mining area of ​​Nord-Pas-de-Calais is one of the sites to see mandatory to be eligible for exclusive travel in france. Already, the landscape will be shaped by three centuries of coal mining and with the 120 000 hectares, the site consists of 109 individual properties as pits, head frames, dumps, coal transport infrastructure, railway stations, the settlements and minor villages including schools. The oldest date back to that of 1850. This website illustrates perfectly the significant period of industrial history of Europe. It therefore reflects the model of working city since the 14th century to the 60s. The mining area of ​​northern Pas de Calais will offer a good opportunity to have fun while cultivating a tad left on a rich history rooted in the earth by infrastructure and minors living conditions and workers' solidarity.

Reims: Cathedral of our Lady

The story is the cathedral as Mozart is to art. In the case of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Reims, it was the place of coronation of 25 kings of France and witnessed the Franco-German reconciliation formalized under its vaults by Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer in July 1962. The building of the present cathedral was preceded by other cathedrals before him. At the same location on ancient Gallo-Roman baths amounted formerly an early Christian cathedral. This cathedral is also the first building dedicated to Mary. This is also the place where Clovis was baptized at the end of the V th century. That history with culture and remembering all those years lived by the cathedral. The architectural style of the buildings will also be a good reason to visit for enthusiasts.

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