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How an oyster taste like ??

The French gastronomy is one of the great riches of France. It is renowned for its quality and taste. Taste the French specialty will therefore qu'émerveiller traveling through France. If you go through the Banc d'Arguin, missed the Arcachon basin would be a crime because that is indeed what makes it so famous: its oyster reserves, a great treasure for the French.

The Arcachon oyster for tourism

For tourists, the Arcachon basin is a point of great discoveries. The oyster farm visit is unavoidable on the side of Aquitaine. It is the oyster center the largest on the European continent. It is home to many species of oyster and most of those found in France are drawn from this pool. The climate, its waters and its capital wealth promote the reproduction of these in this place. Oysters found in oyster beds of Brittany, Normandy, Charente and those of mediterranean also from the Arcachon basin. Although mollusks in the Arcachon basin can not be consumed at the moment, it remains one of the best places for an oyster tourism.

Oysters inputs for your trip

Oysters provide many nutritional intake to the body. That is why the French do not break off during their meal and eat mostly by at parties. For your French trip, do not miss the taste of oysters because in addition to being nutritious, it is less calories but rich in minerals. This is a great advantage for dieters. As for its nutrients, these molluscs are rich in lipids and unsaturated fatty acids. A great asset for those with low antibody because these good fats reduce the risk of cholesterol and is a means of prevention for cardiovascular disease. Also, thanks to the phosphorus it brings, you will have more energy to make the most of your stay. It also helps fortify bones and teeth. The iron it contains is a means of prevention against anemia. The oyster is also rich in copper, calcium and zinc, essential to increase the immune defenses. Enjoy your stay in France to boost your nutritional intake!

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