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American designer to french designer

The fashion world knows its units worldwide. The new trend, fashion, big brands are always the victims fashions program. Catewalk and watch the various fashion shows for them is a passion and a dream. This allows them to discover new color shades, new brands for clothes, hairstyle, shoes, etc. Paris itself is the representative city of fashion. This is why many people come from all over just for a louis vuitton fundation visit. A major brands around the world sitting in the large chic of Paris.

The fashion week around the world

Fashion is experiencing great success in the world. Winter, summer and autumn, every season has its own attire. To make room for haute couture, France results in a Paris fashion week, which is the place to go for great fashion. This is a great fashion show that takes place every six months and finds his reputation in the wider world. The most impressive creations of the designers are highlighted. If your visit falls into their date, you have the opportunity to experience the high-fashion ready-to-wear very reputable brands. However, if your visit falls out of the week of Paris Fashion Week, visit their shops like Louis Vuitton located in the Champs Elysees, Dior, Ungaro, Nina Ricci on Avenue Montaigne or Lanvin, Louis Ferraud Hermes located on rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Place Vendôme is also the rendezvous for those who are followers of the finest jewelers like Cartier and Boucheron.

This grand event of fashion, however, spreads worldwide. It is organized chronologically in order of creation in many cities other than Paris and Milan, New York and London. The event begins with a New York fashion week and Paris which is often Ends. She succeeds lasting approximately one month but note that Paris is the only city with high fashion. So take your luggage to the next fashion weeks.

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