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Real french summer : party, surf, and sun !

Summer is coming, it is believed the sun, the sea and all festive ideas that could be done during the holidays. Long awaited by workaholics, students and teens, now they can breathe and enjoy the summer vacation. There remains only the choice of the best holiday destination to relax and change his habit.

The Basque Country, a destination for this summer

To fully enjoy his vacation, sunny places and with many parties are for the most privileged. The Basque Country is the answer to all holiday requirements to have a real french summer. It is an ideal destination for a stay of character. The basque country tour is ideal for convivial moments. It adapts to the families, friends, young child or even lovers. The fascinating Basque Country hosts every year many vacationers. It attracts for its unique landscape, its unique climate and especially the diversity of activities that are present. Many other reasons also grow future professionals in this beautiful country but in other circumstances ...

Why the Basque country

The Basque coasts are not limited to just the beauty of its beaches and its crystal clear sea. This is the place of appointment for lovers of the wave. Water sports have found their place since 1956. They are ideal for the sport of gliding including surfing. If you like, you can begin the experiment on the Basque coast. As for confirmed person, Barra, Cavaliers and Belharra can give them pleasure. The various shows and concerts do not leave the big cities. You can enjoy evening events and those themes. The walks between sea and mountain may also be required for your program. Golf lovers will also find their little paradise thanks to Biarritz golf courses. Here after the parties and the beach, why not enjoy the Basque gastronomy that finds its reputation worldwide?

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