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Packaging for discovering wineries in Bordeaux !

Bordeaux outstanding illustration of the diversity of terroirs, the opportunity for you to discover the names in your visits to châteaux: an oenological experience, taste and sensory delight that all at once lovers and neophytes.
Margaux, Saint-Estèphe, Pauillac, Saint-Emilion, Pessac-Léognan, Sauternes ... are all names that will have no more secrets for you. Stay at the Castle, immerse yourself in the vineyard through workshops around wine, learn the secrets of tasting in wine courses, enjoy the property, visit the cellars and share a moment of conviviality in a vineyard table: fully enjoy all the advantages of luxury wine tourism around Bordeaux. Men and women who develop the wine will reveal all the secrets that are the hallmark of the region!

The route of Bordeaux wine

Bordeaux wine is a reflection of a know-how that has survived the centuries since antiquity that you must discover during your stay oenology in Bordeaux. The vine is worked for over 2,000 years: a tradition initiated by the notables of the city in the early 1st century, favored by a temperate maritime climate suitable for growing vines and sunshine ensuring good mature grapes.

In recent years, the marketing power and the ability to produce large volumes enabled the rise of Bordeaux wines in the world. The fact remains that the visit of Bordeaux chateaux, architectural and cultural heritage reflecting a glorious history, is an essential and fascinating step of your stay in the Bordeaux vineyards, along the road of Bordeaux wines.
This vineyard is full of many names scattered across seven wine regions (Médoc, Blaye, Côtes de Bourg, Libournais, Entre-deux-Mers, Graves and Sauternes) and nearly 10,000 Châteaux to discover during your oenological stays Bordeaux . Each of these regions has its own identity, Sauternes, sweet white wine known for its fruity aromas, the Médoc famous for its red wines of character through the red wines of Saint-Emilion renowned for their aromatic qualities.
Come solve the mystery of the Great Wines of Bordeaux wine during a wine tour complete.

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