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Great ways of enjoying a trip to Sardinia

Sardinia is the perfect holiday destination thanks to its impressive beaches and unlimited historical cultural and natural tradition. It is the second largest island situated in Italy. The sea is clear and well-preserved and conserved from any type of toxic waste.

The beauty of Giara and Nuraghe

The Giara is situated in the center-east of Sardinia. It has a park with cork oaks forests and the Mediterranean’s evergreen species. This place is best known for its archeological memorials such as the well-known Barumini Nuraghe declared of no consequence Cultural Heritage of humanity. The Nuraghes are defensing towers to be found throughout the island. It is noticeable by its shortened cone shape and built with great blocks of crudely chopped stone. It is built in enormous stone blocks following the dry stone technic.

Maddalena Archipelago

It is one of the UNESCO’s legacies of Sardinia. It has clear and clean water. It has snorkeling admirers in search of the untouched seabed of the Mediterranean. You are permitted to visit some small beaches and bays only accessible by boat whose nature is still well-maintained and whose beauty is spectacular. These tours usually include tours visiting island where you can admire the well-known pink beach and la Maddalena. Lovers of pure and unspoiled sea can choose to stay at a 5-star Grand Hotel Ma&Ma towards the South West coast of the island.

Plan your weddings in Sardinia

Sardinia proposes couple a romantic and enchanted atmosphere. Because of its blinkered nature, Sardinia still preserves charmingly rural sceneries, rites and traditions from ancient time. Celebrate your wedding on an open warm hospitality, mild weather and outstanding cuisine.


It is Sardinia’s beloved towns found in South. It is popular for its popular routes and long white sand beaches with rock crystal. Villasimius doubles its population in summer time. Among the most beautiful beaches you have Porto sa Ruxi.

The largest footprint of the Mediterranean

The Greeks called it Hyknusa from the Greek meaning (footprint of human foot) because of it resemblance with an enormous footprint. In fact Sardinia take it name from the Latin word Sardinia. However the name Sardinia was previously known by the Phoenicians, as witnessed by the Nora stele in Nora.

Many people consider Sardinia the ‘’less Italian’’ in the middle of all regions. In fact, its geographical remoteness has permitted the development of indigenous plant and animal kinds as the white donkey. It has sealed its linguistic peculiars and its ancient traditions which are still intact. For your holidays, boat hire sardinia in Italy and enjoy the greatest features ever.

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