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Discover the Dune du Pyla !

If you're a fan of trekking, camping and generous natures you will be satisfied by visiting the Dune of Pyla. This dune is located near the Bay of Arcachon and has obvious interest for tourism.

Environment of the dune

The Dune du Pyla is the highest in Europe. It is not the highest in the world but it is one of the most beautiful places in the world existing height. She is very famous for its impressive height with its gigantic tapestry sands. After its climax, it offers a landscape of the most incredible carrying you in other lands, so the view is beautiful. Photography lovers will find total satisfaction. For a change of scenery, its environment is the perfect extended between a desert and mountainous dune height appears to be a fallen structure of heaven collected by the earth. As for the surroundings, the colors change depending on the season and light, it can be white, yellow gold with the azure blue of the pool, it gives a sense of freedom. Thus it is one part of the network of large sites in France.

Activities to do

The dune of Pyla is located next to the Arcachon oyster basin which is now highly industrialized area, which helped to better accessibility of this website. It is possible to do activities on the dune but also in the surroundings, the most popular activity is camping. In fact, the site is very favorable for camping enthusiasts. You can enjoy this little paradise in the cap ferret tourism. But aside from that, the thrill seekers have also tried paragliding above the dune, with the basin that supports the view would be amazing to board the aircraft. As conducive to a great discovery between the sea and the sky, around the worthy are made for fishing with the sea nearby, tasting good kitchens, the ride is going up the mountain either by discovery of the surrounding area and finish with a swim.

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