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Discover Lyon and the Alps

France remains a great tourist destination for travelers. Some areas are especially famous for welcoming visitors, Lyon and the Alps not including less. They are among the top destinations in France. There are a multitude of cultures to discover, places to visit and activities to do in this region.

Cultural attractions in the region

Lyon is in the region of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, located in the south of France with the North Sea and the Mediterranean as borders. There are hundreds of historical monuments in the Alps and the countryside. If visiting all these places take months ago, however, the main sites you can not miss during your stay. The mountains reign master in the area for outdoor activity fans, you can climb Mont Blanc, then visit the National Park of Valoise walking or skiing in the Bauges. The choice is yours. Besides, you will not only visit as experienced guides will help you discover these sites. Alternatively, you can directly start the lyon tourism and know its history through historical monuments. Cross 2000 years of architecture through Virgin Cras dating from 1855 and the Church of Saint Nizier old Collonges fifth century and made a small detour in the Château Saint Gerald and finally pass a glance at the Grand Port . For art lovers, do not forget to visit the City Hall with its murals.

Activities to do during the holidays

By discovering the region and the town, you can not do without the activities that the city offers. During the day, you can include, excursions in the beautiful gardens or in private sites. In other cases you should already book or cultural shows for family outings activities. The evenings are Lyon, meanwhile, lively with a full agenda of the theater to nightclubs. Finally, let yourself be tempted by the large shopping centers of the city for the purchase of souvenirs.

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