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The easiest way on how to rent a boat

Why not rent a boat for one night rather than an apartment? The boat remains docked and is rented as rented accommodation via a booking platform such as Samboat. A sailboat rental becomes a simple and effective option. So how to rent a boat?

Make sure the tenant's maritime capabilities

It is essential that you control the tenant's skills via his nautical resume. Remember to check your license and identity card when signing the contract.

Print and sign the rental agreement

This document must be signed by both parties, at the start and the return of the boat. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the insurance and the deposit in case of problems.

Inspect the boat and take pictures

Check the exterior and interior condition with the tenant and take pictures, including sensitive elements such as the base and the propeller, to complete the inventory.

Take control of the boat with the tenant

Together, review all the equipment. Make sure the tenant understands how the equipment works and where to find the safety equipment.

Get out of the harbor and take a ride with him

Explain all the particularities of your boat and make sure of its skills. To minimize the risks, we advise you to make the exit and the return of your boat in its place.

Give him information about the region visited

Help him plan his route, draw his attention to the navigation zones and its dangers. Do not forget to give him a recent chart.

Never rent your boat by going live

Without a trusted third party like SamBoat, you expose yourself to significant risks and will attract risk profiles.

Thus, the boat locaton is feasible in a few clicks. Just consider the following steps and tips to get this service properly and safely. With Samboat, you will have the opportunity to choose the boats according to your desires and your convenience.

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